My precious guards, cooks, and washers…they are keeping me alive and well


Damien on his first few days at the Home. We prayed that God would reach into his darkness and bring a smile and hope to this young boy’s world. Damien now…Heaven is the face of this little boy, I know it. Our God is in Control. Please continue to lift him up as he still is adjusting to his new life here.

But now my eyes have seen You…

I have so much to blog. I have found that blogging is a lot of pressure and I struggle to find the words to capture the views I see and the stories I hear. 

I have talked about the babies but the reason why God sent me over here was to work with these precious Pastors that work with Arise Africa. I wish I could post every story, every miracle and every laugh that I have heard from these men but I cannot. 

I will start by quoting what scriptures come to my mind when I see these Pastors pouring out and loving the people of Uganda better than I ever could.

“My ears have heard of you but now my eyes have seen you. Therefore I despise myself and repent in the dust and ashes” Is.42:5-6 

I will be sharing more and more testimonies and stories from these men. I see Jesus in human flesh in these men and their ministry and it makes me repent because I do not sacrifice enough for Him. I do not go without food to make sure that people have Bible Study. I do not travel on foot for hours to make sure that the masses of people that were saved are visited by a Pastor to get them plugged into a church and then come home and have to find food for my family, only to get up and do it all over again tomorrow.

If you have already sponsored a Pastor please know that you are God’s vessel in sustaining these men and because of you Uganda is being changed. 

For $50 a month you can provide food for a family of up to 10 and pay for school fees and provide medical care for these Servants who are giving their all to see their country come out of their sin and find Truth that will set this country free.

Please check out our website and I will be posting more testimonies and stories from my friends. 

For all who have prayed…Marvin said his first word today!! Ally called me first thing this morning to tell me. I cannot wait to get there tomorrow and hug him! God’s grace is so precious…Marvin will grow to be a strong and mighty man of God, we are Expecting. 

Oh how He loves He loves us. We are his portion and He is our Prize drawn to redemption with the grace in His eyes.”
I have never sang this song with such passion as I am surrounded with a country and people who depend on that love for their daily portion. Oh that I might love Him more…

Ministry Time Clock

Everyone has asked me what the biggest adjustment for me has been. Has it been the food, the culture, the lonliness? I have thought about this awhile and so far the biggest adjustment is that these sweet servants of God never clock out. 

At home I never stop loving Jesus and I am open to every opportunity He sends my way but it is different here. I have my weekends where I go to church yes, and I love Him just the same as I do on the week days but I plan my weekends according to my social needs. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and in fact it is what I miss the most but it’s almost as if I clock in and out of when I am going to do ministry and when I am going to do “me” time. 

Arise Africa staff does not clock out. When they are not doing ministry they are resting with their families. They hold all night prayer services begging the Lord for their prayers to be met. They are constantly bending low to serve others. There are endless request for relief, food, and money…you have to have a spirit of prayerfulness at all times to hear when the Lord would have you meet the need or pray for another answer.

It is the weekend and it’s 7pm on a Saturday night. I have just kissed 52 heads goodnight and I sit alone eating dinner and will not have any adult interaction until Monday. The Dacia side of me wants to check out of ministry and just go find someone to hang out with or be on the internet all night…and then I am reminded my other friends here in Africa are up praying. I am being challenged in every direction.

Please be in prayer for sweet Marvin the two year old who is suffering from neglect and malnutrition. He is starting to become responsive. We are praying for miracles and weight gain. 

Thank you all for holding me up in prayer. I am truly blessed to be serving here. I am being changed more and more each day. I want to fall more in love with Him…

Dacia, my name is Aaron Castellanos. I work with Brittany Avery at the Plains. Just wanted to encourage you to keep going. You are not alone and just as with Moses, when Aaron and Hur held his arms up when he grew tired and weary, so will it be with all of us praying for you. Stay close to God and pray that God continues to help view your time there through His eyes. God is my salvation and my glory: the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God. Psalm 62:7

Wow! Thank you so much for sending me this message. I was having a difficult day and this reminded me of exactly what I needed to hear. Love the story of Moses and Hur..and I had just read that this morning. He was trying to remind me again that He is holding up my arms through everyone’s prayer and encouragement. Thank you for being his vessel today.