Hit the ground running

Today I spent the day with the team from ACF that is here painting the dorm rooms at the babies home along with playing with the babies of course!

Pastor Godfrey has let me know 2 things that I will be doing. 🙂

Arise Africa has received a $2,000 grant from a sponsor to help feed the pastors that are in great need due to the great drought this season. I will be travelling along with Pastor Moses (my family) to 4 very distant villages tomorrow to distribute the food. I cannot wait! It will just be the two of us and I will be responsible for reporting all the details to report back. 

I will also be staying and standing in as the director at the Babies home on Saturday and Sunday. I spent today with these children, all 50 of them and cannot imagine how my heart will feel after spending this time with these babies. I will be teaching their Sunday School lesson and so if anyone has great ideas, send them my way!!

His nearness is my good and I am anxiously waiting His miracles. 

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