Struggling on how to put into words

How do I put into words the images, the smells, the faces, the experience that I have had just in the short time I have already been here. Right now I am sitting here listening to the quietness of Africa. I love how their culture is so slow…they take in life, a life that is hard but they have the strengths of warriors. 

I love hearing “Jambo, Jambo” as we travel into the  villages with children running as long as their legs will let them alongside the bus waving both hands. I love looking into the eyes of these people who have experienced more than I ever will in my lifetime and seeing Jesus still giving joy to light up their eyes. 

God moments thus far: ACF team brought tons of children’s clothes and we were able to bring each child in one at a time and dress them in two new outfits. These children are craving attention and to be able to give this to them and see their eyes light up and occasionaly get a smile when you told them how beautiful they were. The team that is here from Austin had amazing stories that I cried listening to…5 people have come to know the Lord! He is so good. 

I will be spending Friday-Saturday at the babies home helping as the cooridnator. There is so much work to be done. I ask that you pray that the Lord will multiply the work of our hands, that he will take just my one lap, my two hands and arms and through them send His love to these children that is the ultimate Sustainer.

I covet your prayers…To Reveal and to Heal. 

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