Please commit to praying

So much to share! Today my mom and team left to head home. I was suprised with how hard it was to send everything that had been normal on a bus back across the world. The realness hit me like a ton of bricks. But after the tears came the reassurance from Him that this is where He has placed me…for such a time is this. I know this because of what is lying ahead of me. 

I will be helping manage the babies home while I am here. I am going to be in Jinja during the week at first while I am working with the pastors and learning to live their lives so I can share with everyone their needs from first hand experience when I return. My desire is to see all 200 pastors sponsored. I will be giving more details of their stories as I go and visit their villages. On the weekends I will be going to the babies home to relieve Allyson, who is also here from the states and will help manage on the weekends. When my work is completed with the Pastors I believe I will be staying at the babies home full time.

There is great work to be done there. I cannot begin to tell you…51 babies, you cannot imagine all that goes into running an orphanage. It is hard to put into words because just the records, business, farming, medicine and small details is enough work for 5 people not to mention needing to have 7 laps, 12 arms to hold each of these babies that are craving attention…but there are 2. We have amazing aunties that are there that are tremendous at their jobs. I ask that you would pray that I would have wisdom beyond my years, that God would multiply the work of our hands and that I would find time to spend with each child to pour Jesus love into their hearts. 

What I am about to share will not even scratch the surface of what the real story is but for the sake of this sweet boy I will only give the information necessary for you to pray. Yesterday we received a new boy, Damian. He is 10 years old and the oldest child that is at the orphanage. They have not taken in a child that old but Damian is in great need. He witnessed his father kill his mother and then take his own life. I cannot begin to tell you what this child has seen…I have seen with my own eyes and it has caused me to be sick. No child should ever see what he saw. I met him yesterday as his guardian brought him with a heart that I have never felt before. I cannot begin to put into words what my eyes saw when I looked into this child’s eyes. He is old enough to where he knows that he should not cry so he would try to hold it in but he would wipe tears away. Ally and I tried our hardest to welcome him and tell him that we were so glad God brought him to us but even then I struggled because I knew how scary this was. He lost everything. He has no family, he has been pulled from his village, taken to an orphanage and now has two mzungu (white person) welcoming him. I cannot bear it but He has brought me here for this boy if nothing else. I want to love him and see the joy in his eyes like I see in the other children’s eyes. 

You will notice in the other pictures I will post the children are happy…I ask that you commit to praying for Damian that he will have the same joy. Please pray that Jesus will be near. 

I am depending on Him to give me the strength and the endurance. He is the ultimate authority, He does as He pleases. Let the children come unto Him, for theirs is the Kingdom. 

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