Africans know how to Pray!

I woke up this morning to people yelling. It scared me so I sat straight up a little disoriented. The walls in our guesthouse are paper thin so I could tell it was coming from the room next to me. After being in several church services here in Uganda, I have come to recognize the prayers of these people. I laid my head back down and had a waive of conviction come over me. I have never prayed like what I was hearing. Even though I had no idea what they were saying I could hear the dependency in their voice…it was like they were begging God to save their children. 

I started to get dressed and I went to turn on my iTunes for a little P&W music but I could not drown out the sound of these precious souls in the room next to me pouring out there hearts in prayer. It reminds me of how Jesus said in Luke. “If you do not cry out the rocks will”. That thought made me stop this morning…

I do pray. I do believe in the power of prayer but do I pray like I honestly mean it. Do I get up even before the sun rises and start speaking to Him like my day depends on it? I know there are many days that I do not than so, where I just give Him my little prayers throughout the day. So in my silence…the rocks are crying out.

Their prayer went before the team that is here from Virigina. They did Medical, Primary  & Secondary, Prison, Pastor and Wives conference and University Ministry today. I was able to attend the University Ministry. We traveled to a University of the Arts here to share the Gospel by opening up a discussion with them. As one said it best today….God is not only the God of America and the God of Uganda…He is the God of the whole universe. We had such amazing discussions with these University students, who asked us very challenging questions. Questions that I have thought about many times. ( I will share one of the questions tomorrow that I get over and over here and I think it will break your heart like it does mine.) The background of the school is Catholic so we as humbly and bent low as possible presented them with the Relationship with Jesus.There was one who was a believer and we left Bibles with him and he is going to start a weekly Bible Study. 🙂

I want everyone to ask me on Facebook tomorrow if I got up and joined the intercessors in prayer. I want to pray like a woman who has my whole life depending on that one prayer….everytime.

Jambo ya’ll! Thank you for praying for me!! I leave to go spend the weekend with the precious babies tomorrow. 

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