Jinja, a little piece of Heaven

Whew!! It has been quite the week!! I have been in Bukelaba since Wednesday with the babies. I couldn’t think of anywhere else I would want to be than with these children but the “bush” as they call it here can really get to a muzungu. I am headed back to Jinja tomorrow, which is a little bit of heaven! PTL!

GREAT AWESOME NEWS!! Arise Africa is amazing and has such a great organization here with their pastors. They have Zonal Leaders and Regional Leaders that help with the 167 churches that we have. Our goal was to have all the Zonal Leaders and Regional Leaders sponsored first. These pastors have the most responsiblity and they have their pastors in their regions coming to them for help. When we know that these particuliar pastors are taken care of then they are able to go out and do more work and not worry about their family back home being able to eat. WE ONLY HAVE 5 MORE TO GO!!!

As I have set down with Pastors that are already getting upkeep, their stories are so remarkable. There is one Pastor that only keeps 25 of his upkeep and he gives the other 25 to the Elder Pastor that is no longer able to take care of himself. One pastor’s wife had just had a baby and they had no way to feed him and they were not able to pay rent so they were out of their home and out of food with a newborn. He refused to go get a full time job because he was trusting in his God that called him into full time ministry…He just got support. I have shared testimonies and heard countless thank you from these precious pastors.

Please pray about making a difference in the lives of these servants. Servants that travel by foot with no food, leaving their large families behind, to go and take the Gospel and food to those in their villages and beyond. It is our responsibility as His servants to give to those who have none. “To the least of these, you did Unto Me”

Please contact me if you are interested in supporting a Pastor and his family monthly.

Serving and bent low alongside of all of you! 

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