His Strength not my Own

I love how He is so good with His timing, in everything. I have been to Uganda 3 times and I have never been sick. I was wondering when it was coming for me and it found me at 2am on Tuesday morning. So sick. I lost all of my strength and couldn’t find my appetite. But I had the best nurses anyone could ask for, they took very good care of me here. And today I am feeling much better! My friends have told me I am now officially an African because my stomach has turned and now I can handle it all. I have an African Name and an African Stomach. Just am missing my tan…badly.

Favorite things about today:

-Holding sick babies and knowing that this is one of the many reasons I am here, just to rock a sick baby. 

-To have one throw up all over me while I am in town and it didn’t even phase me, I now know I truly am a mom.

-Seeing John who has had a tough time since being at the babies home eat everything in site and just laugh and laugh.

-Bringing Damien into town, he has never seen it before and he is 10! We had a very special moment today, he just came and sat down next to me and said, “Auntie Dacia” and just laid his head on my shoulder and we just sat for a long time. I am so proud of him!! 

-Having people come up and say how cute our kids are. Pride. 

-Sitting with about 5 of our Pastors and just talking and telling stories. They are all becoming like fathers to me. I just picture my father sitting with these authentic, genuine men…I feel like I am at home. 

-Tucking 4 of these babies into bed and being able to just love on them individually today. 

Have I mentioned I love it here??

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