Another Day…

Oh just another day in Uganda…

*Had breakfast with Pastor Godfrey and a family staying at the Guesthouse from the states…we all encouraged one another as we shared recent stories of our own discouragments. Maybe some tears and coffee. I will make a very important note here..I, Dacia Newton, have only cried 3 times since I have been here. That in and of itself is Miracles. 

*We had 4 more Water Filters DONATED to our Babies home!! Huge answer to prayer!

*I received my care package from home with Diet Dr. Pepper. Words cannot describe…

*The Pastors we have been working for over a year to get sponsored first were all sponsored today!! This is huge…lives will be forever changed because of this. More to go but so encouraged by this!

*Was told by the team that just arrived from NC that a sweet lady in my life had donated enough money to pay for the extra baggage fees for all the donation bags that they brought over. She didn’t even know this team, she just wanted to be a blessing. I was blown away by her gift as well as the man who did not even know this lady but just said she knew me and wanted to help. Daily humbled by the people the Lord has placed in my life.

*We also received money to take all of our children to the “Fair” use that word loosly this week! It will be such an experience for them…we are going to have lunch and make ice cream floats. 

*God has encouraged me in assuring me this is my calling by sending people to speak words and encouragement over me that don’t even know me. He has shown me countless times today that He loves me and is going to direct my next footsteps. 

*After a hard weekend with no shower, I come home to a HOT shower. My shower is always pretty warm but never HOT and it was only this morning…just tried again and it was warm.

*Annndd monkeys were everywhere today. I pet them now, nbd. 

*I get to get up and go see this sweet face tomorrow…with hopefully MORE smiles awaiting me. 

And I always go to bed exhausted, but once again….full, actually overflowing. 

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