God brought us another gift. He brought me two. One is a 7 month old, Kirabo (which means Gift) and the other is Ashley who is from North Carolina. Ashley has been coming to Uganda for awhile now as well and LOVES this place as much as I do, so we instantly had a connection. She is here for 2 weeks and she came to spend the weekend with me at the Babies Home this past weekend. We shared so many stories together. She shared one in particuliar…

Before she left one of her friends told her about a sermon she heard about when God breathes life into bones and lifeless things. The Greek word which is used in every place in the Bible when God breathes life into people or things it is Pneuma (Numah). Ashley’s friend told her she felt like that would be a beautiful name for a little girl in Uganda and that Ashley was going to find a baby that needed to have life breathed into her. 

Today Ashley was out in Iganga village and a Pastor came to her and told her of a baby who’s mom was mentally ill and had conceived a baby but they did not know who the father was. Shortly after having the baby the mother left the new born with the grandmother. They were only giving her cow’s milk but she started to not take it so she has not been taking hardly anything. She is 7 months old but weighs only about 8 pounds. Ashley had found her.

We received temporary guardianship until we get get all of the paperwork done and take her to the doctor. I already love her. She is so tiny, she is so fragile. She was limp Ashley said while they were in the village but tonight after some formula she was smiling and had life. God is breathing new life into her bones. The Breathe of God.

I ask for prayers for this sweet Karibo, that she will be healthy and everything will go smoothly. I had just woken up this morning to a situation that involves my life back home and was very upset about it. I was upset that it was distracting me from my work here and needing to focus on what is important. He brought me two gifts to remind me that He will always send us encouragement at the right time. Ashley who has encouraged me as a friend and Karibo who is our new baby who encourages me that life is so fragile and precious. He is so sweet to send her to us to love and watch over.

As we sleep fall asleep tonight with her I am playing this song by Natalie Grant-Better Hands Now:

It’s like the sun is shinging when the rain is pouring down. It’s like my soul is flying though my feet are on the ground. It’s like the world is silent even though I know it isn’t true. IT”S LIKE THE BREATHE OF JESUS IS RIGHT HERE IN THIS ROOM. So take this heart of mine, there’s no doubt…I’m in better hands now. 

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