His Strength not my Own

I love how He is so good with His timing, in everything. I have been to Uganda 3 times and I have never been sick. I was wondering when it was coming for me and it found me at 2am on Tuesday morning. So sick. I lost all of my strength and couldn’t find my appetite. But I had the best nurses anyone could ask for, they took very good care of me here. And today I am feeling much better! My friends have told me I am now officially an African because my stomach has turned and now I can handle it all. I have an African Name and an African Stomach. Just am missing my tan…badly.

Favorite things about today:

-Holding sick babies and knowing that this is one of the many reasons I am here, just to rock a sick baby. 

-To have one throw up all over me while I am in town and it didn’t even phase me, I now know I truly am a mom.

-Seeing John who has had a tough time since being at the babies home eat everything in site and just laugh and laugh.

-Bringing Damien into town, he has never seen it before and he is 10! We had a very special moment today, he just came and sat down next to me and said, “Auntie Dacia” and just laid his head on my shoulder and we just sat for a long time. I am so proud of him!! 

-Having people come up and say how cute our kids are. Pride. 

-Sitting with about 5 of our Pastors and just talking and telling stories. They are all becoming like fathers to me. I just picture my father sitting with these authentic, genuine men…I feel like I am at home. 

-Tucking 4 of these babies into bed and being able to just love on them individually today. 

Have I mentioned I love it here??


Days can be hard here. You can feel like you will never be able to show enough love not only to these orphans but to all of the people you come in contact with. On days like today when I am lying flat on my back in bed thinking I am missing a day of just a short time the Lord has allowed me to be here…I am reminded of this.

Sweet Susan teaches me something every day. She said there is so much to be done and you can plan out every morning all that you are going to accomplish. By the end of the day you might look at that list and have not accomplished more than two things, and you think “What have I done today?” But you have to take a step back and look at the details. 

Today I was just able to pray. Today I was just able to get enough strength to go meet with one pastor who had travelled a long way to meet with me. I felt terrible because I could not give him more of my time. Today I was able to open my scripture. 

Just like back home I would often wonder what I did that day for the Kingdom just sitting behind a desk working on Banking Procedures. I look back now and every day was filled with little details that were preparing me for the next chapter. 

Tomorrow I pray I have my stength back because I am going to take another child to get a milkshake. Just a milkshake. But to that child, it’s the best day in the world. 

And today I just prayed. And He reminded me that was just my purpose for today. 

I pray you find a day full of purpose today. Whether it is a simple prayer for someone that is heavy on your heart, a smile to a stranger, a hug to someone who needs it, buying lunch for the car behind you in the drive thru, or just being present where He has placed you. Every encounter was known by Him before time..so that makes everything a little more weighty. He has placed people in our paths, what are we going to do with the tiny details of our day? 

Jinja, a little piece of Heaven

Whew!! It has been quite the week!! I have been in Bukelaba since Wednesday with the babies. I couldn’t think of anywhere else I would want to be than with these children but the “bush” as they call it here can really get to a muzungu. I am headed back to Jinja tomorrow, which is a little bit of heaven! PTL!

GREAT AWESOME NEWS!! Arise Africa is amazing and has such a great organization here with their pastors. They have Zonal Leaders and Regional Leaders that help with the 167 churches that we have. Our goal was to have all the Zonal Leaders and Regional Leaders sponsored first. These pastors have the most responsiblity and they have their pastors in their regions coming to them for help. When we know that these particuliar pastors are taken care of then they are able to go out and do more work and not worry about their family back home being able to eat. WE ONLY HAVE 5 MORE TO GO!!!

As I have set down with Pastors that are already getting upkeep, their stories are so remarkable. There is one Pastor that only keeps 25 of his upkeep and he gives the other 25 to the Elder Pastor that is no longer able to take care of himself. One pastor’s wife had just had a baby and they had no way to feed him and they were not able to pay rent so they were out of their home and out of food with a newborn. He refused to go get a full time job because he was trusting in his God that called him into full time ministry…He just got support. I have shared testimonies and heard countless thank you from these precious pastors.

Please pray about making a difference in the lives of these servants. Servants that travel by foot with no food, leaving their large families behind, to go and take the Gospel and food to those in their villages and beyond. It is our responsibility as His servants to give to those who have none. “To the least of these, you did Unto Me”

Please contact me if you are interested in supporting a Pastor and his family monthly.

Serving and bent low alongside of all of you!