I am 26. For every birthday I have had, I can remember going to eat at my favorite restaurant, having parties at different places and my favorite cake. Children at home see their first pizza when they are toddlers, they experience a restaurant before they are even able to sit up on their own. We wouldn’t even imagine someone not knowing what a pizza is.

Tonight, I took my family-Pastor Moses and Martha and their 1 biological daughter Patience, and their 3 children that they have taken in Derek, Peace, and Junior (parents died with AIDS) out for Pastor Moses’s 34th birthday. I took them to 2 Friends Resturaunt where they are known for their pizza. This was the first time in 34 years that he had ever seen a pizza. The children had never been to any place close to a resturaunt. I was sitting there as I was watching their faces thinking, “to be 34 years old and to have never been out for your birthday..Beyond my understanding”. I loved every minute of my night…watching them laugh, watching them experience it all for the first time. 

Next time you go out for a meal, order a pizza from home, celebrate your birthday…count it a blessing and God’s grace to you. I pray I never forget. One of the things I look forward to the most is going to eat at my favorite places when I get home, and I was somber last night as I thought…some will never know life outside of their village, never know anything besides chicken, matoke, posho and they are perfectly happy and content. They will eat that for the rest of their life and never be unthankful. I have a place called Furrs at home, more food than most of Uganda has ever seen in thier lifetime and we don’t eat there because it is not quality enough.

If you want to be ruined, come to Uganda. If you want to be humbled, come to live among these people. If you want to find the joy that is from Jesus Himself, sit down and have a conversation with just one hungry soul. We have no idea what we have….we truly don’t. 

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