When I decided to come to Uganda, the Lord had called me to work with the pastors. I knew I would spend some time with the children, but little did I know of His plans.

I didn’t know my heart could love like this. I never knew that I could love 55 children and love them individually. There are times when I have to lock myself in my office for 5 minutes of sanity and no little hands touching me. But there isn’t one second that I am not going to miss have little ones attached to my legs as I walk, to hear “Aunti Dacia, I love you” through out the day, to worship and pray with these before I go to bed, to hear them sing their prayer.

Through these children He has shown His heart to me. He has reminded me that as these children crawl into my lap because they have no one where else to go, He reminds me that I do the same with Him. He has shown me grace. I am not equipped to do this…I am not married, I have no idea what to do when one of my children gets measles or malaria, but He has given me grace in the moment. I don’t know how to comfort a child who’s parent just left them for the second time but He knows how to through me.

I can’t even tell you how my heart hurts to leave these children. I don’t want them to feel like another person in their life has abandoned them. You cannot explain to a 3 year old that you have to go home to return to your job so you can pay the bills. I want them to remember how much I love them, how much I would give to stay here with them…

But He has challenged me: My they not remember my name but they only remember His. That is all that matters.  

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