These orange roads have changed me.

This road leads me to 57 children that I love as my own. This road has brought me to a child that has sickle cell and will not live to be older than mid 20’s here yet she challenges me to live life laughing and joyful, even though sometimes the pain is more than she can bear. This road has led me to a 10 year old boy that has seen more tragedy than any of us will see and when he was brought to us his eyes were full of pain and tears. As this road leads me back home I look back at a smiling boy who’s eyes are full of Jesus. Orange road that lead me to a two year old boy the size of a 3 month old. We couldn’t get him to respond even to substantial pain. Tonight he lays beside me with a huge tummy and laughter that literally makes me shout HALLELUJAH every time I hear it. I have found “Gifts”. Two little girls that were brought to us with severe malnutrition, today I can count the fat rolls. Miracles…I have found along this road.

Roads that I walked with Pastors that show me abandonment to the Gospel. These men are what I believe a glimpse of what the 12 looked like walking along their roads. They had nothing, but what they did have they abandoned to answer the Call. The orange road led me to a pastor who lost his leg to cancer but stood on one leg, hopped on one leg for miles to preach. I met a pastor who was giving what little he earned to take care of the orphans and widowed, it was his joy. I met a community that was starving and we brought little food and their joy was more than I could take in…they gave all the glory to God. I met men who have been healed of their terminal sickness. I have seen repentance of a life rescued and there is no turning back. 

These roads have led me to life and to death but I have found saving Grace. A 7 year old little boy who was about the size of a 4 year old due to no food. But His presence is even there. 

These orange roads have led me to people I have never met face to face yet we are bonded together like we have walked these roads side by side. But because they have seen and walked we can share our understanding of this place.

“The hardest places to leave are the places God leads us to. Because those are the places you are shaped and molded into a new person. Those are the places your heart expands, your eyes are opened to new perspectives, and your eyes really begin to see. 

These orange roads have stained my feet and my heart. I wish I could bring all to walk these road with me, there is nothing in this world like it. Nothing as sustaining and fulfilling. 

But until you walk these roads yourself…you are welcome to walk with me. Although I am going home, my journey is really just beginning. Continue to check in…lots more to come. 

I have two more days. I am soaking up every minute. 

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