This little one…

I went to bed with such a heavy heart for her because I skyped with her yesterday. She had been brought to the doctor because she was having severe back pain. She suffers from Sickle Cell and she is 7 years old. I posted a picture of her before I went to bed just asking everyone to pray that God would provide a way!

My sweet friends Ashley and Emily, both who love Uganda and are both nurses have been working so hard on getting in touch with a specialists so we can get some answers. Emily just decided this morning to email the co-director of the UNC Comprehensive Sickle Cell program. Knowing that she probably receives thousands of emails a day and no telling when she has the time to check them, we just prayed that God would make Emily’s email POP!

She received word back tonight!! The doctor helped us with what we should do for her to help reduce the pain and crisis she is experiencing frequently now. She also volunteered to monitor her blood counts monthly! 

Oh, how He loves us! I just keep singing it out loud! That this doctor would take the time to sit down and write us and offer to monitor her from the U.S….He never does anything small. He goes beyond our wildest imaginations!!

Please continue to pray as we see if they offer the medicine she needs there, most likely they do not, so please pray that we find the money to buy and send the medicine. 

Please join me in saying “Hallelujah, THANK YOU”! Thank you for loving us so much it hurts sometimes. You Jesus, once again have gone beyond my expectations. 

I will continue to SHOUT it from the rooftops!!!

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