The words haven’t come yet for me to adequately blog just yet, so for tonight I will tell this story…

One of my last post before I left Uganda was one that broke my heart and followed me back to the States. My friends and I had travelled to the village Palisa to deliver food because their village was in a serious drought. When I walked into the church a mother handed me here child which was swaddled in a blanket and I was able to cradle him like a baby. He was 5 years old at the time. He was severely malnourished. The story the mother gave me was that he was not able to eat much and when he was a baby it took 5 hours for him to normally breath. He also did not cry as an infant. I left that day with a love for this child, a desire to see him have life and life to the fullest. We sent money back to the pastor of the church so that they could afford to feed him and see a doctor. 

My first day back in Uganda, I returned to Palisa. What a sweet gift the Lord gave me to return back and see once again, He is the sustainer of life. Eric should not be here, but God is sustaining him. He has gained some weight and seems to be improving. 

The thing that moved me the most was this: I was able to go home back to the States and enjoy life and all the blessings the Lord has bestowed upon me. I sat in a hospital with no fear that my precious granddad was getting the best care. I went back to life, my life, even though it was different I still was able to adapt quickly. 

Here life went on as well, Eric has only gained just a few pounds. He is not walking, talking or running around with other 5 year olds in his community. He is asperating water when he drinks. Only Jesus is holding this precious boy’s life.

I was so quick to get back to life and forget…

Here I am back at home. May He give me the strength.

Today do not be quick to forget that there are children like Eric all over this world, maybe even in your world that need us to remember.  

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