Today is my Granddad’s 87th Birthday. Candles are lit and instead of our voices singing, he hears the voices of his brothers and sisters, angels and Jesus singing. I long to be at that party, the never-ending party. 

Today my heart aches because I miss him so much. I miss his humor, holding his hand, and the rock of our family. Today my heart rejoices because he is gathered around the throne and as hard as it is to imagine, he would never choose to be here celebrating again. He is home, where he was intended to be all along.

I celebrate him today and the years to come. I will tell my children of these things:

  • I learned to drink my coffee black because that is how he took it
  • Never take a wooden nickel
  • Never wear TT (tee tee) on my shirt
  • That everyone can blow up their muscles and pop out your teeth
  • Everyone in the cemetery are dead
  • How to do the jitter-bug
  • How to milk a mouse 
  • You always eat cornbread and buttermilk together
  • His world war II stories
  • He was fearless
  • He had the strongest hands due to being the hardest worker
  • He was always the first one up
  • He was called Alleycat
  • I never saw him in anything other than work boots or cowboy boots
  • He never met a stranger (could be where I get this) 
  • He was wrapped around my pinkie all my life
  • He only wore 3 flannel shirts a year
  • I always ask for a cigarette when someone has Jolly Ranchers

So thankful. “I want to leave a legacy. How will they remember me? Did I choose to love? Did I point to Him enough to make a mark on things?”

Russell Hudson, yes you did. You left a mark on your world. Proud to call you MY Granddad. 

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