Welcome to my home. I can guarantee that there is no other place that will welcome you “home” like my place. You are surrounded with lush beauty, smiling faces, Ugandan handshakes, birds singing and Old McDonald’s animals welcoming you. 

I am truly a blessed girl to have such a “quiet” place to bring my tired body at the end of the day. I no longer use my iPhone alarm clock the old fashion rooster crow does just fine…the snooze is about every five minutes. I wake and hear the chitter chatter of the women outside as they begin to wash clothes and prepare cooking. The smell of fire smoke begins to fill the air as everyone begins cooking over the open fire. 

I come up for breakfast which is the only thing I can count on every day to be the same…toast, bananas, pineapple and my Ugandan coffee. My favorite is everyone asking “Dacia, how was your night?” like clockwork every morning. I have my breakfast while overlooking the women bent over sweeping the dirt, the staff filing in, the guest filling the dining room and the hazy fog begin to lift. 

I then sit as the day unfolds. Every day brings new challenges but one more glimpse of just who Jesus is and what He does for us. I am so thankful that I have found myself in a position where everything is far beyond what I can fix, control, or answer. It allows me to see just how big He is and return all the glory to Him. All of this is too much for me…I can’t do it…I am just the vessel. I get to step aside and watch.

I end my day with tea, darkness, and an overwhelming heart of gratitude. Reflection of what how much I still have to learn, how my heart still has a long way to go to really understand how to love like Him, and the daily wrestle with my flesh and culture. Eyes close…asking for mercy that is new every morning. 

Rooster crows.

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