Marvin. Gift. Esther.

Every story  had a different beginning but the ending miraculously the same.

Gift, brought to my friend Ashley in a village who’s mother had died and the grandmother couldn’t get her to take any milk so she just stopped feeding her.

Marvin, who’s father was left to take care of five children by himself, he was so overwhelmed that he tried to take his own life so he wouldn’t have to be responsible. Marvin was neglected and found his way to us at the age of 2 weighing less than 15 pounds.

Esther, her mother had died and her father did not know how to care for an infant. She came wanting nothing to do with anyone. We prayed for a joyful spirit to find her.

All three needing more than just food, they needed a home and a miracle. It came. All three were put on Mana, instant food for malnourished children. It is a rare bond between these three that melts my heart. I cannot put into words the joy that fills my heart every time I walk into their room and they are all talking to each other in a language that no one understands. They look to each other, they take care of each other, and they share laughter together.

Today as we watched them all interact, I reflected back to the first day I laid eyes on all three of them. So many times people ask me what I have seen Him do here that is a miracle. These three. To see them awaken makes my soul awake…and Praise.

Hallelujah. That is what we will say around the throne when we have no words to express what is in our hearts. Hallelujah. He breathes life. He knows every child and He goes to find them. He heals. He laughs. He delights.


A little update.

This morning I am rising to a house full of people! Coffee is brewing, the fog is heavy, and young missionaries are scattering all over our grounds to begin their day with the Lord. I have sweet Marvin sitting on the table next to me smiling at me as he eats his bread. In just a few minutes I will serve the ones that came to serve.

I am quickly realizing that I will not have much time to sit and write for awhile. Our sweet Manager Sarah of the guesthouse is about to have her little girl, so I will be stepping in for her as she stays home with her newborn for a few months. I keep telling her she planned her due date on purpose, during the busiest season of the year. 🙂

So I am learning how to run a Guest House. Once again, He most definitely has to equip the called. Once again, learning that I had a plan but He has a greater one. So this morning my heart is at peace. I love being able to serve my friends from home and then all the while get to sit here with Marvin as he eats his breakfast. He collides my two worlds.

My sweet friend Katrenna is also facing her own trial. Her and her family have been here for over a month going through the adoption process. We have seen the two siblings they are adopting become their own little selfs. They became a family in such a short time, because that is how Jesus intended it to be. As they prepared for court we were all shocked when the judge did not grant the children to them. I am heartbroken as I stand and watch my friends in the middle of the questions, “why?” But we know that God can change the hearts of Kings and that is exactly what we are praying as they prepare to go back to appeal. We know that sometimes in the middle of the storm, His hand is ever present and He never forsakes us in our weakness. Through this He will remind all of us just exactly who He is once again. He is the father of adoption. To adopt us, He gave everything. I am so thankful to watch them walk this and to walk beside them. So as Katrenna waits to see what will happen the Lord is so sweet to send me help. So together we will serve. As a team and as a family…we will all continue to get up each day expecting Him to show us what He wants for us each day.

We ask for your prayers as we prepare to serve the teams that are coming in. We ask that you would pray for our sick babies. We ask you plead before the Father that through every trial, He would be lifted high through our hearts that desire to give Him the glory. I ask that you keep praying for me as I might not have time to sit and write but that the Lord would quicken hearts to pray as we minister to those who minister.

“You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you; whose thoughts are fixed on you! Trust in the Lord always for the Lord God is the eternal Rock.” Isaiah 26:3