Marvin. Gift. Esther.

Every story  had a different beginning but the ending miraculously the same.

Gift, brought to my friend Ashley in a village who’s mother had died and the grandmother couldn’t get her to take any milk so she just stopped feeding her.

Marvin, who’s father was left to take care of five children by himself, he was so overwhelmed that he tried to take his own life so he wouldn’t have to be responsible. Marvin was neglected and found his way to us at the age of 2 weighing less than 15 pounds.

Esther, her mother had died and her father did not know how to care for an infant. She came wanting nothing to do with anyone. We prayed for a joyful spirit to find her.

All three needing more than just food, they needed a home and a miracle. It came. All three were put on Mana, instant food for malnourished children. It is a rare bond between these three that melts my heart. I cannot put into words the joy that fills my heart every time I walk into their room and they are all talking to each other in a language that no one understands. They look to each other, they take care of each other, and they share laughter together.

Today as we watched them all interact, I reflected back to the first day I laid eyes on all three of them. So many times people ask me what I have seen Him do here that is a miracle. These three. To see them awaken makes my soul awake…and Praise.

Hallelujah. That is what we will say around the throne when we have no words to express what is in our hearts. Hallelujah. He breathes life. He knows every child and He goes to find them. He heals. He laughs. He delights.

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