Healing is His

This week we have had six children found in the villages while one of our medical teams have been in rural places holding medical clinics. Each day they would bring the worst cases into Jinja so we could get them the help they need.

My heart broke each day as I met the children as they got off the bus with their mom or their dad but I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief because they had been found. I would like to introduce you to each child. Would you commit to pray for them over the next month as they all will be undergoing surgery, receiving special care and most importantly we are praying not only for a physical healing but a spiritual healing not only in their lives but the lives of their family.

Meet Gerad, he is 13 who has been suffering from a tumor for over a year.

We took him to our local hospital and they immediately discharged him and referred him to a bigger hospital in Kampala. I went to pick him up and he instantly captured my heart. Under all the pain and weightiness I saw a 13 year old boy who was so thankful for a smile from someone. He has completed some school and was able to speak some English. When I brought him back to the Guest House and handed him these new clothes I saw a smile from this sweet child. I told him that Jesus was going to take good care of him and that we would love him through this. He has been sent to Malago and we are awaiting the news on how his surgery went on the tumor.
This is Douglas, seven years old. He has not opened his eye fully in a few weeks and he has developed a large tumor on his liver.
Douglas has also been sent to Malago, they were running test to see if the tumor is cancerous. We are still awaiting the results. I never heard Douglas speak a word but he has a very sweet quiet spirit. On his way to the hospital we were able to get a small smile out of him. I can’t imagine the pain this child is experiencing.
George is 2 years old, I believe. George is suffering from Kwashiorkor, which is a type of malnutrition.
This type of malnutrition is due to lack of nutrients and protein in their diet. We were afraid that George’s kidneys had started to shut down. When they brought him home I was able to call Renee with Serving His Children, who specializes in caring for the malnourished. It has been such a blessing to see her work up close and I can’t tell you how comforting it is to send a child and their mom to stay with her to receive treatment. Not only do they receive the best care and diet but the mother is also taught how to better care for their child and they hold a Bible Study every morning. Renee has called to give me the updates on sweet George and it has been confirmed that his kidneys are doing fine and they swelling has begun to go down in just three days! Praise God! He will be in this program for at least 4 weeks.
This is sweet Harriott and she is 4 months old. She was born without an anus. When she came to us she was suffering from very low blood and malaria. I went with her and mom to the clinic to discover her blood was so low she needed a blood transfusion immediately. The Lord is the sustainer of life. I reminded and have to cling to this truth daily as we went to three different clinics and hospitals to find this little one blood. Everyone was out. We had to return back but she too is in Kampala and she was able to receive blood! We are waiting for her body to get a little stronger before they can perform any surgery on her.
Arugue has something embedded in his eye and had to have surgery to remove it. I can say that when we went to see him in the hospital, the surgery was successful and we even got him to play with us a little. He allows the blind to see…
And today we travelled out to Iganga. When the Rick Via Medical team went to this village they found several children that were severely suffering from malnutrition. We went back out today with Renee and our Child-Care Development team to meet with these four mothers and their babies that are in much need of a miracle. We brought the two worst cases back with us today to also stay with Renee. The other two mothers we held a class this morning to teach them how to properly care for their children and nurse them back to health with a high protein and well rounded diet. We left them food that would last them two weeks and we will return out to this village to see if the children have improved.
I am fully confident in our Savior, who knows each of these precious children by name, by sickness, by each pain that occurs in their little bodies, will hold them and fight on their behalf. Jesus will meet them there.
I am so thankful to be working with a ministry that will go to whatever lengths to take care of the families, individuals, and children that are placed in our path. We are not here to perform the miracle but to be the vessel for Him to show up and get all the Glory and Praise. I am also so thankful for the two sweet girls that have been here in Uganda for several years allowing God to use their willing hearts to take moms and their sick babies into their homes to nurse them back to life not only physically but spiritually as well.
I don’t post these pictures so that you can have another image of what Africa looks like. I don’t post so that you can feel heavy or sad. I post to remind you that He is such a sweet God that He would allow these teams to find them and bring them to help. He knows the way to where these children are and He rescues. I ask you to instead of being sad, will you rejoice that He always comes for His children? Will you pray for each of these children that they will have a testimony to share when they are 40 years old of how the Lord has saved them? Pray for the doctors. Pray for their sweet parents. Pray that the Lord will continue to provide finically for all the people who are caring for these children.
Today wherever you are remember that He is our rescue. He is our anchor that always holds. It has been a hard week seeing these innocent children come into my life who are experiencing so much pain and suffering but this is our world here. He changes your views, He strengthens our arms to hold, He holds us together. All of our hope is in Him. In America, in Uganda, in Ghana, in Haiti….He is rescuing. I praise Him.
We rise together as prayer warriors. “Many will see what He has done and be astounded. They will put their trust in the Lord. O Lord my God, you have done many miracles for us. Your plans for us are too numerous to list.” Ps. 40:3-4

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  1. Dacia, Thanks so much for the update. I thank God for you and your willingness to give your all for Him.
    It take a person in love with the lord to do what you are doing. Please know that I will keep those precious children in my prayers. Thanks for all you do and for taking care of our needs while the team was there.
    In Christ
    Love to you all
    Lisa Muncy

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