Elijah: The Lord is God

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Elijah, he was a great prophet who allowed the Lord to speak through him. He “zealously served the Lord and he was the only one standing and the people of Israel were trying to kill him as well”. The Lord used him mightily to turn His people back to him. Elijah’s name means: “Jehovah is God”. Elijah was courageous and committed completely to God. He knew that he served the all-powerful God. Elijah’s extraordinary faith and powerful prayer life distinguished him as a prophet among prophets, a man’s man, and a champion who loved God more than his own life. Elijah knew the provision and the power of God, the life-giving mercy and the fiery wrath of God. He lived up to his name: The Lord is God.

Today I have an Elijah that I believe will live the same life.  He will be used and will serve Jesus zealously. But first he must survive. He is 3 months old and was given to us 3 weeks ago by his grandmother.His mother died after her c-section and it is believed that his father is also dead. His grandmother had been giving him dry tea. He is severely malnourished and is suffering from a very difficult strand of pneumonia. He needs prayers to pull through. He is currently with my sweet friend Renee Bach and her ministry “Serving His Children”. She is taking care of him medically.

He continues to fight. I believe truly that our God speaks to children and holds them in a way we will never know until we see Him face to face. I believe that God has whispered to this little boy, “I am the Lord your God”. He continues to fight for each breath. We pray that God’s breath fills up his lungs. I believe that through Elijah pulling through I will be able to say, “I have seen the provision, the power and the life-giving mercy of my God.”

Please pray that Elijah will pull through this critical time. At this point it truly depends on the Lord because his body is so weak and still fighting the pneumonia that has become resistant to most medications we have here. This strand of pneumonia is also seen a lot in those who have HIV, which we cannot tell if he has or not because of his young age but we have reasons to suspect that he does indeed have HIV. But the Lord is above all things.  Pray for Renee, Danielle, and the doctors that are caring for him around the clock. I am so thankful to be surrounded by Arise Africa International who is the hands and feet of Jesus to so many at all times and for other people who are committed to lifting high the name of Jesus.

We live by His mercy and grace.

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