Here he is!! He was released yesterday and I anxiously went to pick him up from my friend Renee’s house where she has a malnourished clinic, called Serving His Children (www.servinghischildren.org). I have been watching his progress but to see him ready to go home, it was so exciting.

We have crowded around his bedside a handful of times asking God to heal him and carry him through. Today he is cooing at me and smiling. He even might have a double chin 🙂

I know the Lord has great plans for Elijah. Elijah- Jehovah is God. His life is living proof to what his name means.

As you go through your Thursday I ask you to please remember as you are commuting to work, zipping through a drive-thru, running to the grocery store, tucking your children in tonight…please say a prayer for more Elijah’s that are out there today. We so easily take for granted our world of blessings. I know I am a quote on quote “missionary” and I am supposed to say those things as I sit on this side of my computer in Africa but I know I will struggle with continuing to pray as fervently when I arrive home as I do here. It’s so easy to just stay in our little world, and let’s be honest, our world has a lot going on itself. Although, it is our prayers that give life and He hears our cries and holds the children in the nights. 

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