28 reasons to celebrate!

#28- I have made it to 28!!

#27- I have gray hairs. Not just one or two but many. I am choosing to be thankful.

#26- A cup of coffee every morning. A time in my day I really look forward to. And so many of conversations have taken place with coffee in hand. 

#25- George. 

#24- My mom had a stroke and graciously spared her any major side effects! So thankful!!

#23- I was able to CELEBRATE and wear a Gomezi!

#22- I have conquered driving on the wrong side of the road and the other side of the car! I haven’t “knocked” anyone yet!

#21- Chick-fil-A nuggets….reason enough to celebrate 🙂

#20- I came back to see my sweet Marvin walking!! After being told he would not walk more less talk!


#18-  Every morning I get to drink deeply of His grace and mercy. Every day is a new day for me to see just how HUGE He is. And I am from West Texas, so I get the best sunrises/sunsets

#17- I was able to celebrate another best friend the day before I boarded a plane! So honored to be there!

#16- I have celebrated many years with these girls. Celebrating that after all these years, they now tell me how awful my hair was

#15- OUR SECONDARY SCHOOL!!!! I came to plant a tree in 2009 and that was all we had, a tree. Today I step foot onto a beautiful campus with 135 of the most amazing students! Amazed.

#14- Douglas!! A boy that was brought to us with cancer that had spread throughout his body and had a massive tumor on his stomach is now walking around with his tumor GONE!!

#13- The journey that has led me to more than friendships…

#14 From This….

To This…

And the JOY of being her Auntie Dacia

#13- Celebrating Tomi Calmes. She has mentored me and poured herself into my journey over the last decade. Today I stand with her and know that we will celebrate her being cancer free. He is already shown Himself to be big in the midst of her pain and sickness. He is above all things, and in Him all things hold together. I love you Tomi!

#12- That I have two amazing parents that have taught me how to serve. So thankful to have parents that are still married and continue to support me no matter the cost for them. I love my parents so much!!

#11- Esther, Marvin, and Gift- all came to us malnourished and no laughter. Today they are my joy to walk into our home and be greeted by chubby, running, and laughing balls of joy!

#10- My family here in Uganda, who has made this home. Truly, love knows no boundaries, this is my family.

#9- The community that God has given me here. He knows how much I desire friendships and He has been so faithful to send me the sweetest friends that now walk this road with me.

#8- Elijah. As we prayed over his bed for God to sustain His life…we now get to see these eyes sparkle and a giggle that will melt your heart. If our God is for us….

#7- We were able to raise enough money to buy Susan her car!! Which now I am blessed by as well!

#6- I do NOT deserve the friends that He has given me. So thankful for each and every one who has made me who I am today.

#5- My evening walks look like this

#4- I get to love these like they are my own. One of the greatest privileges in the world. I do not take it for granted. I celebrate that years from now, I will see the beautiful story and life that He has destined for them. It truly is the most exciting thing I can imagine.

#3- FOR ALL HE IS DOING IN AND THROUGH ARISE AFRICA!! Every day He does new things. Every day we see more answered prayers. I celebrate because HE had done GREAT things for us!

#2- My Hero, Russell Hudson. Who for 28 years loved me as his granddaughter and taught me to be a strong woman. We weren’t expecting him to leave us but Jesus knew that I would not want to be any other place but by his side during his last days. I celebrate that I got to hear him tell me he loved me, and I was able to sing my precious Granddad into the presence of Jesus. I am waiting for the Day..Thank you Jesus for letting me be with my hero in his last days!

#1- Looking back over the last 28 years of my life, I am in awe of how He has orchestrated all the details. I have tasted and I have seen, there is nothing sweeter than being in the center of His will. I celebrate today because He chose me. He didn’t have to choose me but He did. I celebrate that His story for me is not over, but if it was over today…I have seen His goodness. My desire in life is that others will look at this sinful, simple Texas gal and know that He can use anyone. That His joy would truly radiate from me and that one day, with all that I love, dance around the throne. I pray that I am a city on a hill burning brightly, a light to the world shining His glory.

I do not deserve the last 28 years of blessings…so for the next 28, I will sing His praises.

3 responses

  1. You are a blessing to me Dacia and I am so happy to spend this bday with you. Seeing you and your grandfather brought a tear to my eye. God truly is amazing and so much more than we could ever deserve. Love you and hope you have an incredible birthday. ~Kari

  2. Happy Birthday, sweet Dacia! 28 wonderful reasons to celebrate; I enjoyed reading them all!! You have such a transparent and fresh love for Jesus that encourages and inspires me. Thank you for loving Jesus and following His will for your life like you do. You are certainly ministering to far more people than you’ll ever know!

  3. Happy Birthday to my new daughter in Christ. You shared your heart with us and blessed me tremendously. You are having an eternal impact of many lives in Uganda and they will never be the same. My life has been changed by your love and generosity. I love you more than you know.

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