Day 3: Thankful for Happiness

Thankful for small things that bring happiness to my soul!!

Lubbock, Texas. It definitely isn’t the scenery or the smell (smells a little like Africa at times) but it is my home. A place my heart always wants to find it’s way to. It holds so much of my memories, my experiences, my laughter, tears and it is the culture in which I was raised. Cowboy boots, late summer nights with friends doing nothing, dirt roads, taco villa, perfect grid layout, market street, bahama bucks, jones stadium, monterey high school, texas tech, holidays, family…all in this one place. I am proud to be from a place where I can return to and still walk into the grocery store and know I will see someone I know. Lubbock, it holds so much of my happiness all lumped up in West Texas greatness.

Happiness is cookie dough. Licking the beaters when I was a child after my mom would make a batch to my roommate always saving me a bowl full that I would enjoy after a day of work. It is a simple pleasure that comforts. So much better than the cookie.

Cowboy hats and Cowboy boots. Hard working gentlemen from home. Rough hands. Ranch. Dance halls. Texas country. Football games. PLAIN TEXAS. You can take Texas anywhere when you put on a good pair of boots.


Happiness is when I can throw on leggings and boots. Or this outfit. It’s my favorite. Comfortable and Fall.

Happiness is my girls, Lubbock nights, Game weekends, Guns Up and Texas’ Girls. Thankful.

A morning at the Salon. Hair, cup of coffee, and a good magazine, girls chatter, blow dryers, new looks, refreshing. Small things that I look forward to.

                                                                                     Happiness is a good pair of high heels.


Happiness is kisses from my dog, Sophie.


Small things…I am thankful because they make this girl’s heart happy.







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