My Dad’s Journal.

When I picture my dad in my head, I see him in his chair with a book, pen and journal. When I was graduating from High School my dad gave me his journal of the days leading up to my birth. I found them again while home and it brought me to tears, again. “Train a child in the way she should go and she will not depart from it.” This is the foundation that has been laid for me, before I was born, a father who was praying for me to know Him at an early age. Best gift I could ever receive from my dad.






This little one is carrying on the name Dacia, which means “Divine Perspective”. Such a sweet honor and I can’t wait to get my hands around her 🙂

IMG_0067                                                                  Lunching with these fabulous women.

I was very honored to go and lunch with all of these beautiful ladies. Mrs. Sitton has the biggest heart and has committed to helping me fulfill the call that Jesus has placed on my life by helping me reach my personal financial goals. She has one of the biggest hearts I know and she graciously has done a lot for me over the last year, one being introducing me to such a sweet group of ladies. I loved sharing my stories and heart with them, as they engaged and asked many questions, and we laughed and had a few tears. The road is more enjoyable when you have people walking beside you and the road is full of every generation and color.

Stories Unfolding.

My friend Sonya has been encouraging me via social network and since being home we have sat down together for lunch twice. Over lunch we have discussed what God is doing in her life to expand her heart and He is bringing her precious family alongside. They are praying about how this will look but they do know that the road is leading to Uganda, in some way. This is what keeps me going. To know that He is not just creating a story there but He is also cultivating and sewing seeds in hearts here through what He is teaching me. So humbling. You can read her story here…

Last But Not Least!!!




If you were to ask me what I want most this year it would be that my family could come see me in Uganda. My mom has come before but it was before I was settled in my life there and it would mean the world to me to have my family see what my life is like there. I want them to meet their “grandkids” and see my dad sit and talk with the men that have gained my respect. To do ministry as a family.

Well, this might be possible! A sweet family friend of ours called me out of the blue and said that she wants to help raise money for my parents to come visit me in June! I am so blessed by parents who have touched many people along their journey, and I have no doubt that He is going to bless them in return.

Almost a week until I leave…I can’t believe it. Ready to get back to my kids, ready to kiss some babies, and eat some matoke. Thank you to all who make this possible!!


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