IMG_0436 IMG_0435Sabbath. After a long three days, our spirits and bodies were in need of rest. I have made many a trips down the Nile on the boat and every time it is a “pinch yourself” moment but today was more than that, it was Holy. Beth, who I just met a week ago today as we were all preparing to come over to Uganda together, has now become a friend that will forever hold a special place in my heart. When we started the journey in the airport she said, ” I feel so unworthy to go on this trip. Look at all of you- Pastors, Pastor’s kids, stellar christians, a missionary…I am not any of those.” I looked at her and said, “because of that you are more qualified than all of us. ‘But God chose the foolish things of this world to shame the wise…’ You will see. You are more than worthy to be on this team.”

I love Austin Christian Fellowship. It has truly been one of my greatest blessings in life to be sent forth from a church that believes in this calling that God has placed not only on my life but the lives of us all. They cultivate their people to be those that “go”. Ones that will be the ones to sacrifice for the revival. I have stood back and listened, watched, and been laborers in the vineyard with the pastors of ACF, and I am so thankful that they would call me one of theirs. It is humbling and I don’t feel worthy to be sent by the ones I have served with this week. So we have become family…closer than before. And as a family today we embraced what we knew He could do as He took the one that felt the least worthy and together we gathered around her as we celebrated what He did through her and in her just in 4 days. A new life. A new perspective. Change. It wasn’t her first baptism, she has been walking with Him for a long time, but she is now ready to “dive into Him and what He has done in Uganda has created purpose for her life that she has been looking for”. This is what we are looking for. Pouring ourselves out when we don’t think we have anything in us worth pouring out. Seeing that there is no greater treasure than to be found poor yet rich in knowing Him. Beth has discovered it…this is what makes my heart rejoice!

So today she asked me to stand with her in the water as her “hero”. All the while I am looking to her and to those gathered around me as my heroes. He has sent me, that is for sure. But they and you are the ones that hold my arms up when they are tired. Beth is my hero. Pastor Will, Steve and John are heroes that I pray I have the legacy of the ministry that those men are leaving. My new friends…who have given everything they have this week and their whole lives. And we are all here, half-way across the World because we are serving mighty, great warriors…who are all of our heroes and mentors.

All standing in the Nile River…not only the Nile but the Source of the river! The Source. I will let that sink in.

What a beautiful Sabbath.

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  1. Wow, I love your response you Beth as she felt ‘unworthy’ in the airport. What a response full of wisdom!! It gave me chills as I read it. What truth!! Well said, Miss Dacia!

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