Specific Prayer Request and Need

Many of you last year helped me raise money for a car for my sweet friend Susan by buying crafts that I brought home to sell. Her car has been such a blessing not only to her but to the ministry and myself. When we have cars here they are not our own, we share them 🙂 Depending on what mission we are going for…to the deep village, to the Babies Home, into town, picking up guest…we decide which cars we will use. I now am in the position where I will be needing my own car. My new job in Arise will have me going from here to there often and it will keep me from having to borrow Susan’s car all the time. Pastor Godfrey has found me a safe and reliable car that will take care of my needs but it will also help meet the needs of the ministry.

I have over half the money today and we are short $4,000.00. I am asking for prayer that He will provide the remaining balance so I can buy a car! 🙂 He has provided thus far and I know He will provide the rest. If you feel led to give you can give through the “Donation” button or you can contact me on where to send a check.

Thank you for standing with me and Arise as we are trusting God for a car!

IMG_3244                                                                                   Susan’s Ride…:)


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