Easter Dresses

IMG_0772We had a tradition in my home growing up-Easter Dresses. It was a big deal and fun for us because we didn’t go shopping a lot but we knew that when Easter came we got to pick out our favorite dress to wear to church.

I saw Jesus at a very early age, about the age of my girls in the home in the form of an Easter Dress. My dad had lost his job and money was very tight. Actually, tight is not the word…money was not there. I remember my mom telling us that we would not be able to get Easter dresses that year and although it seems so silly now, my sister and I were so disappointed. I remember my parents telling us to pray. The weekend of Easter, a box was delivered to our house with mine and my sister’s name on it. My parents were as equally curious as to what the box held inside.

As a 7 year old little girl I saw inside of that box- Jesus. In a way that He could teach a young little girl that He provides through sending her an Easter dress. I learned faith. I have reflected back to that story so times, years later.

Today as I was handing out dresses and bows to my girls and giving the boys new shirts…I want them to see His heart. The heart of their Provider. I want their young hearts to capture His heart now so that they can look back and know that it was so much more than a cute dress and a nice shirt to wear to church. It was His heart for them.

One day they will tell their children of what Jesus did for them when they were 7 through women who sewed them dresses and a little girl that asked Santa for shoes for all of them. I want them to hear “I love you” through these who have given. I want them to in return give so that another can hear “I love you”.

Just as I heard it as a 7 year old girl.



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