Among the loud voices

Do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly before your God. Micah 6:8

I am seeking out this scripture and wanting to tear it a part to know how He wants us to do this commandment and still reflect His heart of justice, of mercy, and humbleness. In a culture and world where activist, groups, cultures, politicians, and those speaking out for social injustice is all I hear right now, I am wanting to recoil. I want to be silent because I don’t see so much of this command in the rhetoric and postures. But He is there, asking us to speak up and make a stand against culture norms, for the foreigners, for the misplaced, for the forgotten, for the misunderstood.

So, here are some of my thoughts this morning as I seek Him to know how to do this better:

*** Jesus tells us to do what is right, speak up for injustice, make a stand. He is a JUST God. He has and always will bring justice, it’s His character. During His time on earth, he went against the cultural norms, He spoke out against injustice, He brought in those who had been cast out by society. He is asking and telling us to do the same.


How do we do this and reflect Him? How do we have a righteous anger and not an anger that divides and pushes people away? How do we speak into injustice, to others that believe differently than us, who make us angry in their approach and beliefs, who stand on the opposing side of you in the battle? Can this be done in such a way that displays the Gospel and draws others in?

As I look at Jesus in the New Testament I see He gave us the answers, He displayed it.

*** Before Jesus went to the crowds or the individual, He went to the Father. He spent time praying for those who would betray Him, speak against Him, and the very ones He would challenge. Do I do the same? Before I post on Facebook, speak into the hard places, the controversial topics, have I asked Him to go before me? Have I asked for His words, not mine. Do I know and understand why I believe what I believe based on Scripture and not just what I think to be right/wrong?

He kept mercy His theme. It was the pulse behind his words. When He was speaking against the cultural norms, the why behind Him speaking was always in effort to pursue our hearts. He stops at nothing to have deep relationship with His people and He knows that there is so much that robs us of that joy, peace, and ultimate confidence in Him in this culture, in our sin, and in our humanity. The darkness He spoke to was real and it made the Pharisees’s angry because it was going in the face of their morality. But He still spoke, He called people out, but there was always Mercy waiting for them.

He didn’t seek a platform, He humbly drew crowds by His words, His stories, His miracles and I have to believe the masses stayed and continued to be intrigued and drawn in because of the humble man they saw behind the strong words.

He loved His enemies. Those He spoke against and those who came against Him with deep hatred and determined to destroy His name, He washed their feet. He drew in His betrayer, He made a place for him at His table. Would I welcome those in that I get angry just listening to them talk? Would I want the same grace and mercy for those who buy and sell children? Would I wash their feet and make a spot for them at my table so that His kindness would lead to repentance. A changed life. Isn’t that why we are so passionate about the injustice? We want change, we want it to stop, we want justice. But He has promised to be the God of justice, but He is the God of changed lives.

To speak into the darkness, to take hard stances on Biblical Truths, the promises of our Father, it comes with a cost. He came to turn things upside down, so we could look up and see Him, and to see the Gospel on display. It led Him to the cross. Are we going to hold to His truth no matter what comes? Or only when all the voices are rising and it’s what we feel we are supposed to do while there is a shift but when all the other voices move on to something else or are quietened, will we stand alone? Will we handle the attacks on our faith, our beliefs, values, and when no one understands holding up the Truth with grace and authority? When everyone crosses over that battle line to the other side and you look around and very little stand with you, will you continue to pursue His justice, love, and mercy?

In all the noise, the hate, the confusion, He is still writing a symphony. We are the notes and lyrics to that symphony. I pray my words and actions when stepping and speaking out join Him in His movement towards the Gospel and it draws others in.