My name is Dacia and I am just a simple 29 year old gal from Texas. I  am passionate about people and relationships. I truly value my friendships. I love nights out with friends, college football, clean sheets, Diet Dr. Pepper, red lipstick, high heels, singing loudly in my car, everything Texas, and seeing Jesus in the simple things through out my day.

I have been called to Uganda to serve a Ugandan led ministry, Arise Africa International. Currently, I help as a “momma” to 54 babies in our babies home, help gain sponsorships for our students that are attending our Primary and Secondary Schools, and oversee all three projects.  I am learning more and more about how Christ will pour you out and fill you up. I can’t imagine going back to the normal. I can’t imagine not feeling this tired and exhausted every day but so fulfilled and overwhelmed with purpose.

I met my man here on the mission field in 2013! After many tears and prayers of being fearful that I would never marry living on the other side of the world, my Creative Father brought me the man that I have prayed for, one who loves Him and loves living out the Gospel as well. Together, we both are called to do ministry together and I could not be more excited!


I know so many people think you have to come do something like I am doing to find this overwhelming since of purpose. But I think it’s just looking around where the Lord has placed you and living out the Gospel.

“The hardest places to leave are the places God leads us to. Because those are the places you are shaped and molded into a new person. Those are the places your heart expands, your eyes are opened to new perspectives, and your eyes really begin to see.”

These orange roads have stained my feet and my heart. I wish I could bring all to walk these road with me, there is nothing in this world like it. Nothing as sustaining and fulfilling.

But until you walk these roads yourself…you are welcome to walk with me.

Video of my time in Uganda 2012 https://vimeo.com/56445042

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  1. Hey, Dacia.

    I don’t know how often this happens to you, but I am sure you get enamored with questions about the work you do and your calling on a regular basis. I have become one of your number one Instagram and blogger fans. I am encouraged by the life you lead and the zeal you have for the Lord and His call for His people to care for the orphaned. I am 24 years old and have just returned home to FL from a month long trip to Limuru, Kenya where I worked with a children’s centre. The work that the Lord did on my heart while I was there is overwhelming and I just can’t ignore the call anymore. Part of me is ready to pack up and move tomorrow, but the other part of me doesn’t fully understand the kind of commitment it takes. I am reaching out to you because I know you have gained wisdom and knowledge over your time in Uganda and I would love to sit at your feet and glean from it (via Internet, of course— and maybe one day in person!) I know you are busy, but if you ever have some free time I would love to touch base with you. And if not, just know you have a sister in Christ who is encouraged by you and praying daily for your efforts.

    In Him,

    Jenny Moorer

    • Hey Jenny! I am sorry I am just seeing this! I haven’t blogged in FOREVER and just signed on! Please feel free to contact me through email! I would love to connect with you! dacia (dot) hamby (at) gmail

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